February 16, 2010

Verbena Cottage at Cedar Cafe'

Topiaries, paintings and other accessories at the cafe. Also Chesterfields Antique's painting collections on display. YES, you can take them home with you!

Cedar Cafe's vintage paintings & Verbena Cottage candle stands with crystals

Vintage Mirrors

Antique and Vintage Paintings by Chesterfields' and Verbena Cottage


Ulysses said...

Wall decors and frames are superb! I don't see details 'though... subdued lighting goes well with the interiors.. Cafe opens pm i supposed...

VC said...

Thanks Ulysses! The cafe is very cozy and I can say the same thing about the food, superb! Cedar Cafe is open breakfast and lunch as well. A lot of conversational pieces around, the paintings are surely collectibles. It is a nice place to house some of my items that are for sale. Thanks again for dropping by and have a great week ahead! Maryann

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