April 12, 2010

Sprawling Summer Beauties

Will these beauties ever come back? Every year I always wonder if my garden will look the same as the previous year. I try to capture as much photos as I can because every passing season brings a new look of appreciation. Here are some photos of my front yard from last summer. I have lost a few during winter and these sprawling petunias could have been saved if my gardener did not chop them off (sigh-what a waste!). I am hoping most of them will spruce back this year...maybe something to look forward to! I


the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Maryann,

What a beautiful garden. Did you design and plant it? I love the rock placement and all the plant combos. Truly beautiful. Am looking forward to see what this year brings you. I'm always a little scared this time of year b/c it never seems like the garden will produce again!


Hope Chella said...

Thanks Maryann!

I look forward to following you too :) I love meeting down to earth people on the blogosphere! xx

Hope :-)

Lily Lemontree said...

Such gorgeous photos of a truly exquisite garden! You really do have a way with the flora!
Just love your blog, you always post such beautiful images, can't help but follow around!

Anonymous said...

Girl... that's some yard you have there! Beautiful! I would just sit outside all day if I lived there, nothing would get done! :)

The Shiny Pebble said...

Oh my gosh that is a GORGEOUS yard!!!! Why is it that some people just have ALL of the talent?! It is just gorgeous.

And yeah, regarding my blog... I exagerate a little. Sometimes I sound like the Donald Trump of the Blogosphere. ehheheheh But it is all in good fun!

But I am not exagerating a bit about your talents! :)

Hugs and Kisses

Jen said...

What fabulous photos! Living up here in the midwest, there's nothing like this yet up here. So of course, it makes me anxious for summer! But girl, these flowers are so beautiful. Can't wait to get over to Home Depot to pick up my potted plants!

Kerry said...

What a beautiful garden...I bet it gives you enormous pleasure.

It's me said...

What a beautiful garden you have Maryann !! wowwwww!! i like it all..........all that flowers so colorful !! well done my girl i'am proud of you!!! have a nice sunny dag.i 'am going to the shop now working with the flowers...............hugs from me....and thank you for yyour sweet comment ......bye!

The Zhush said...

WOW! I certainly hope all this loveliness comes back to you....just wow!

Razmataz said...

Oh, you are quite teh gardener......Lovely. Makes me nostalgic for mine. I hope mine comes up well this year, although it is nothing at all like yours!

Love your blog, so happy to have found you through your comment.



I'm so impressed--the garden is just spectacular and can't wait to see what it looks like this year.

Living It At Home said...

Wow, I cannot believe your front yard! I hope it all comes back for you! Just lovely.

Molly said...

Your garden looks beautiful. Love all your photos.


French-Kissed said...

Your garden is fabulous. It is always magical to see what comes back each year. Hope you will keep us posted. ~jermaine~

Tato said...

Hi Maryann!
Your garden is fantastic! Lovely your photos.
I am of the Brazil, and the language in our country is the Portuguese.
Its blog is wonderful.

* excuse my English

Cozy Little House said...

I love the natural look of the large rocks incorporated into your lovely landscape. You have a wonderful clump of Lamb's Ear growing there! (I think that's what it is... I have some too, but not that big yet.) Isn't it fun how each year, our gardens change yet remain the same? We greet familiar faces and welcome new ones to our bounty of beauty.

Mara said...

Hi Mary Ann! thnk you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your garden is beautiful! I really like it! it's so peaceful!!!

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Maryann! Your garden is gorgeous!
An explosion of colours and beauty!!
I need some tips..you're a so clever gardener! I have a little ancient garden in the historic centre of my town...I'd like to have a bigger one!
Thanks so much for your always sweet comment!
Big hugs

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Beautiful beautiful garden! I can't wait to start planting soon. I am your new follower!

kim said...

What gorgeous photos. Is all this in your yard? I just love it all.

A Perfect Gray said...

lovely garden images...enjoyed them so much...and LOVE John Legend!

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