April 4, 2010

Thrown Away Elegance, A Style On A Shoestring

One designer who tops my list is Annie Brahler from Euro Trash. Her style exemplifies the elegance of vintage which I truly adore. She owns her own store/design business located in Chicago. As a wholesale supplier for designers and shop owners, she also offers a shopping trip to Europe (Belgium, France, Holland). I have been a huge fan and I have corresponded with her over the last two years for my antique business. The following photos were featured in Country Living. This is going to be my favorite post as I always turn to these photos when I seek for inspiration. Her designs are just timeless and elevate the beauty of any vintage pieces. I would like to leave this post with a design tip from Euro Trash: Open shelving is a wonderful way to enjoy the things you love everyday…display things you need in close reach right along with the bits you enjoy just for the color, shape, or texture that they possess. Books in the same tones as your display are a great way to elevate your special things to present them. The shelves themselves can be given interest by giving them soft curves, or arranging them in a series of vertical and horizontal lines rather than the traditional stacked shelving….we also like to paint, stain, or upholster the interior of cabinets to give them a bit of an unexpected touch of special attention…(Annie Brahler)


Nisha said...

Gorgeous pics! I adore them so much. We should correspond more! I love love love vintage. Thanks for following my blog. I'm your follower too!

The Zhush said...

That was great! Her home is beyond gorgeous!

Paris Pastry said...

Wowsa! Beautiful images & furniture! Looks like my dream house! Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed visiting yours!

The Shiny Pebble said...

OMG your blog is GORGEOUS... Will come back to ck it out when i have a minute. tata for now. Catherine

Bardot in Blue said...

those blue chairs with the tassels in the first room and the dining table need to be teleported to my sitting room now! J'adoreeeeeeeeeeee. That bathroom ain't bad either! I can picture myself relaxing with a cup of chamomile and a book in that tub right now instead of taking blogging breaks while trying to finish this paper!

Always a pleasure to stop by :-D
xoxo Bardot in Blue

Les Cotrions said...

What a gorgeouus blog you have Maryann! You show us faboulous pictures!!!
Nice to meet you!

It's me said...

Hello Maryann what a beautiful blog you have ! thank you for visiting mine...........i follow you too.....and come back tonight to look the rest.i must go to the shop now!

Have a nice day..hugs from me Ria

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness...I understand why these images are so inspiring to you! They are BEAUTIFUL!

xo's Kristin

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